Cook Me Plox is the founder of the elefints, and cooks all elefints he finds. To ask for a cooked elefint, contact him here. Cook is also a member of the Volunteer Elefint Task Force. As the founding, and currently only, member of the Pony Hunting Brigade, he enjoys hunting ponies and pony accessories.

elefint cooking

begin by adding a cup of salt to teh elefint in teh pot.

now add peper

now add the sacrificed blood of rustled jimmies

now add soy sauce lots of soy sauce yum

if you don't add soy sauce ..

now add flower

now add flour

now mix it all up while chanting

Double, double,
Toil and trouble,
Fire burn and cauldron bubble,
Making elefint stew i am

now add approx 2 tsp of vanilla

add salt to taste

remember the saltimo

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